Hanging Art on Your Walls Can Increase Your Happiness

Have you found that hanging art work, whether your own or others’, has a positive effect on your brain activity and happiness?

I don’t know about you, but I get really excited seeing artwork. I enjoy the colours, the shapes, the movement, the textures…. It is really exciting. I can feel it in my whole body.

fiona stolze acrylic painting

Being an artist I tend to have a lot of paintings in my home. My husband is always encouraging me to just hang it all up and completely adorn our walls. I had been limiting it to my art room in recent times but lately I decided to just pull it all out, get a box of nails and a hammer and find wall space for as many pieces as possible.

We also have very colourful walls in our home so it really is quite bohemian in that sense.  And some paintings can feel a little bit awkward against really saturated colours. But…we did not let that deter us.

fiona stolze acrylic painting

Yesterday I gleefully decorated our lounge – a room that has bright red walls. Still counting, there are 9 paintings on the walls. It was exhilarating to say the least. I kept taking photos. I kept walking up and down, looking at the paintings from all angles. I sat down in the various chairs in the room to enjoy the artwork from different angles. I felt very animated. It honestly felt like I was seeing them for the very first time. They were welcome guests in my bright red lounge.

And today I came across this article in the Huffington Post that claims art hanging in your home makes you feel better. Do you ever get that feeling that someone has been watching over your shoulder?

Returning then to my original question – hanging my artwork up has definitely activated a lot in me. And even if it is childlike joy, and an added bounce in my step! I would say to you – go for it! Find something that makes you open your eyes wide, or makes you smile widely, or captures your gaze for ages! Hang it up, no matter what it is. And enjoy. Love it. Appreciate it.

I’d love to hear how you have decorated your home with art work. Do share below in the comments box.

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