Going With the Flow

So often I sit down and make lists of things I want to get done each day but then in the midst of things the energy changes.

It’s as if my intuition were giving me a large tap on the shoulder and saying – Hey, pay attention to this. Drop everything else and just follow.

I find that this serves me so well. Today I was on a roll. I was working through my ‘to-do’s’ and suddenly everything was telling me to just get going with something I hadn’t planned at all.

So I did.

And all in all, I gained many new insights and the day was really fruitful. Including completely editing my latest audio interview. I feel satisfied and at peace with the world.

This means I can go off this evening and enjoy my leisure time and know that I have set things in motion. And that can’t be bad.

It’s great going with the flow.

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