Getting Up Again After We Fall

I was thinking about how easy it is to fall. In a spiritual sense. Saying how things are and then tripping over the next hidden obstacle without any warning.

I see so clearly how important it is to have my thoughts, words and actions in alignment with the Deepest within. And yet sometimes there’s a loud crash and I’ve fallen face first into the next quagmire.


But I can see the full reflection the moment it happens. It’s that moment of clarity when I know without a doubt what is up. It doesn’t hurt any less but it’s sweet to have the recognition of what my smaller self is up to. And when I do see it, it’s the moment to just let go and get back up on my feet. No matter what. Get back up.

Because the moment I get back up, I’m present again to what is – without the baggage. A clean start. Tabula rasa. The new day without stories bogging me down.

I can’t carry anything with me. Not even from one moment to the next. It’s stepping out into the newness with an open and glad heart.

So putting out this reminder to not fall into the stories of justification, of how the other wasn’t being mindful, of how they deserved it, of how I was being hard done by. Wallowing in self pity. None of that matters and none of it is true anyway. It’s all between me and my maker.

And loving This more than anything else shows me how there are no options. Stand up, shake it off and take the next step without looking back. Completely open and in humility.

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