Getting a Spiritual Hair Cut

It struck me as quite funny how surrendering to divine will can be a bit like getting a hair cut.

You suddenly have a flash of inspiration and decide to have a really radical haircut, so different from what you currently have, it’s like night and day.


But then the mind kicks in and you end up only having an inch or two snipped. After a short while you realise that more needs to go and so off you go for the next couple of inches.

This wears away the resistance, making you more and more open to the radical approach. You become more confident, moving towards your goal with acceleration  until finally you surrender to the complete job.

And once it’s all off, you know it’s so good. And you wonder why it took you so long to get there in the first place. It was easy after all, wasn’t it?

Surrendering to our innermost.  All of this stuff has to go at some point. How about at least getting the first two inches off today?

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