Gaining Deeper Insights – Loving the Truth

Being completely honest.

I find it’s a truly sweet moment when I gain deeper insight into what I had been blind to before. Suddenly being able to see something I just couldn’t see and realising the implications of it.

Realising that it was there right in front of my face but invisible to me because of the veil of denial I had pulled across it. Obscuring it conveniently from view.

And such a bitter-sweet moment to realise that my projection was me all along in another guise. Being played out on the stage by a significant other… doing me a favour and having to bear the brunt of my accusations and blame.

My unwillingness to look with eyes of truth.

And then the moment of truth comes. When it touches home. When it pierces my heart. Cracks open the veneer a bit more. The deep realisation that it was me all along. Feeling the pain but the love of the truth in the same moment.

And that heart opening. That softening. That allowing in of honesty.

So beautiful. Gentle expansion within. Opening.

Loving the truth. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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2 Responses to Gaining Deeper Insights – Loving the Truth

  1. Carol says:

    I love what you have said here, and it resonates within me completely… Thank you.

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