Friday Art Share – Feb 10th

I’m happy to be able to throw the doors open wide again this week and invite you all to come and share your artist website and/or Facebook Page here on this post.

I’m going to leave entry open for several days to see if we can breathe life into this. You can post a link in the comments box below regardless of what kind of art you creat. Everyone is welcome!

The idea is that first of all, everyone reading this post can connect with lots of amazing artists, including you, and secondly, I will put all your names in a hat and draw one out.


Because the following Friday I will run a feature on you and your artwork for everyone else to enjoy.

Now you don’t have to be a silk artist to join in. The doors are open to all sorts of artwork so please feel free to come and take part.

Normally I would have this open for just the weekend but as this is a new project, I am going with the flow and keeping it open for a while longer.

Here is the first feature I did in this series. Our winner was Ingrid Lee and you can see some of her amazing silk ribbon embroideries and other abstract work in this post: Friday Art Share – Spotlight on Ingrid Lee.

So if you’d like to take part, please just leave your details below and you’re in the running.

Looking forward to meeting many of you and I will visit every single site that gets shared here and of course ‘like’ your Facebook page.

Please also visit my Silkandart Facebook page and add your page there in the thread too. Let’s share the love around.


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