Following a Raw Food Diet- Always Follow Your Gut Instinct

One of the biggest things that I’m learning on this raw food journey is to slow down and really tune into what I would love to nourish myself with. Because if I am eating the things I love, the whole process is massively simplified.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve been finding out. If I just eat things that I think would be good for me, I reduce this whole thing to a  mental exercise and my body shows me clearly that I am missing the point.

I listen carefully now to what sort of images appear in my head when I begin to feel hungry. Now, when I was at the spiritual bootcamp, the second morning of the salt water flush was a brilliant example. I suddenly got a vibrant vision of juicy oranges.

So, as soon as we were finished with the cleanse and this was about 4 hours after we had got up, I went into the kitchen and chopped up an orange. Wow, did my heart sing. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed an orange as much as I did in that moment. Because it was exactly what my heart was asking for. And I gave it to myself. Pure nectar!

And this is so important when making the transition from cooked to raw food and beyond for the rest of my life. I am dedicated to tuning in to what I really want to eat.

So tonight I knew with absolute certainty that I wanted to make some pureed raw soup. Never having made one before like this, I just got out the chopping board and got started. Ten minutes later I had already blended a mixture of veggies with some miso, Himalayan salt and cracked pepper.

It was still lightly warm from the miso and the heat of the blender.

Time for a taste. Ahhhh, heaven. So I sat down and ate it.

My raw food feast that lit me up

And afterwards I had a small portion of the sprout and lettuce salad Michael had made for himself. Within about 20 minutes I harvested the results. I felt such an amazing rush of energy moving through me. When I looked in the mirror, my eyes lit up differently and I had a huge smile on my face.

Such a wonderful testimony to how my body thanked me for giving it what it wanted and what would fill it with light.

And I know that I can work towards this and have this feeling every time I eat when I learn to fully honour myself in the process and not just do things that I think I should be doing.

I am so grateful that I have allowed myself to take this challenge.

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2 Responses to Following a Raw Food Diet- Always Follow Your Gut Instinct

  1. This adventure into raw foods certainly seems to agree with you, Fiona! What veggies did you use in the soup? Looks like maybe carrots & some other veggies?


    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi sweetie! Yes, it’s agreeing with me and it was high time to do something about relationship to food. I kept this very simple using carrots, celery, onion and chinese cabbage. It was soooo nutritious and really gave a huge kick to my energy. Thanks for asking. xxx

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