Flipping Tractor Tyres – Releasing the Superhuman Within: Spiritual Bootcamp

I attended a weekend where we challenged our beliefs about our strength and abilities and really had a chance to go well beyond them.

On the second day we were introduced to the tractor tyres. Our facilatator said they weighed 125 lbs although I wasn’t really sure about that…

One thing that hit me immediately was that I weighed only 112 lbs. My mind began to tell me in no uncertain terms that there was a  slight issue here. So I got back in control and said out loud that of course I would be able to lift it and I only needed to work out how.

Zen, one of my team mates, explained that it was important to get down in my knees and get my fingers hooked into the ridges of the tyre on both sides and lift from there. When my time came, I stepped up to the tyre.

I bent down, hooked in my fingers and tried to lift. No reaction. So I did it again with much more resolve and could feel it giving. I imagined that one of my kids was trapped underneath it and that it was my job to free them. And this strength came through me.

The tyre moved up a bit, enough for me to wedge a knee underneath and take another breath. I really felt the warrior energy kicking in and gave out a loud roar and just lifted and up it went. Imagine my exhiliration when it got up far enough for me to put my body weight behind it and flip it over.

Wow!!! And then down for the next flip. I managed to complete 5 flips in total and was getting so much support from the rest of my buddies. My God! Such a superhuman energy. I had no idea it was in me.

We just had to get that on video and when we came out later, I was asked to step forward and do another flip. By that time I knew completely what to do and had begun to make it look easy:

I’m telling you, when I completed the flips, I just felt like a superhero. What a feat!

Whenever I need to remind myself about the strength within me, I watch this video for some inspiration.

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2 Responses to Flipping Tractor Tyres – Releasing the Superhuman Within: Spiritual Bootcamp

  1. John-Brian says:

    Fiona… love the expression of your power…. VISCERAL expression… the physical-meets-psychical letting go, reaching deep… screaming power. Beautiful to see you blossom.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks Brian. I really appreciate your comment. Yes, it’s so important to be able to roar and release those energy reserves. 🙂

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