Featured Facebook Fan on Friday with LouLovesLearning

What a lovely surprise. At the end of last week my very lovely friend Louise Edington contacted me and told me that I was her Facebook Fan of the Week and that she would like to do an interview feature with me.

Louise Edington of LouLovesLearning

Well, I couldn’t say no, could I? In fact, I was totally delighted. I took a bit of time out to sit down and pen my responses to her questions and send them back over to her. It’s always an interesting process to create a story about yourself for others to read, for the most part total strangers. But it’s lovely because it leads to all sorts of unexpected connections.

You can have a read at the interview on LouLovesLearning right here. And when you’ve finished reading it, you might like to browse a bit on her website as she does interviews like this every week with all sorts of fascinating people. But you’ll also¬† find all sorts of other inspirational articles and vlogs documenting Louise’s journey of exploration.

Louise is currently the blogging coach on the SNCC with Ann Evanston (Warrior-Preneur) and is the lovely woman who guides you through the sections on getting to grips with the ins and outs of creating blog posts that are going to really grab your audience. She also works as a childcare coordinator for the International Aupair Finder.

But Louise is truly in her element blogging about life’s challenges and all the amazing things she is learning on the way. She has come on quite a journey, working her way into the world of social media and finding her niche online. I also happen to know she is an avid reader and has piles of books at her bedside just waiting to be delved into. A very like-minded soul!

So I hope you will go over and make friends with Louise and find out more about what she does. I think you’ll have fun.

As always I’d love to have feedback from you. Please leave any comments you have here or why not leave a comment on Louise’s page. I know she’d be happy to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Featured Facebook Fan on Friday with LouLovesLearning

  1. Thank you Fiona!!!! This is lovely and you know we really are very like minded. The first thing I did when I was Ann Evanston’s Facebook Fan of the week way back last year (as she was the one who suggested I do this weekly feature) was do a blog post about it. http://louiseedington.com/facebook-fan-of-the-week. Good for you for making the most of it and a big thanks for this return favor!
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears For Freedom

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      That’s lovely to hear Louise. And you’re so welcome. It was a real pleasure to have you do the interview with me and I so believe in making it a win-win for all. Thank you.

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