Exhibiting my Artwork in the Wilder Street Studio in Bristol

I was recently invited to hang up some of my artwork in the Wilder Street Studio in Bristol and just wanted to share a selection of the photos we took when we had hung it on the walls.

The Studios are hired out for a wide variety of classes in Bristol. I first got to know the place when I began attending yoga classes there. But music, dance and various healing arts are also practised there.

You can also rent desk space during the day for a nice quiet and airy place to work in and if you come along on Fridays, there is no charge.

My paintings definitely liked being hung up again in public as they can get a bit bored being in our house for too much of the time. I mean, everyone likes a change of wallpaper every now and then.

It does surprise some people to find out that I not only paint on silk but also use acrylics on canvas.

I haven’t explored this medium too extensively but take great pleasure in doing it as it’s quite wild and uncontrolled.

I’m looking forward to these pieces finding new homes. It’s always an exciting moment wrapping up a painting to get it ready for shipping to its new destination. It’s as if the future own has called the painting home. It used to be a bit heart-wrenching to part with my pieces, but when I understood that artwork is created to bring beauty to the world and other people, then I was able to step back and allow the process to unfold.

If you’d like to see more of my artwork, please visit my art site at Silk & Art. To commission me to create either a silk or acrylic for you, please contact me at info@silkandart.com.

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