Excerpt from Robert Adams Satsang- No Suffering – 1991

An excerpt from Satsang with Robert Adams –

‘What does the word Jnani mean? It means Absolute Wisdom. One who is established in Jnana has transcended the I. If there is no I or ego left, then why would they go out of their way to do workshops, to travel all over the world? There has to be some ego left to want to do those workshops. The I must want to travel.’

Couldn’t it just be compassion for seekers?

‘The Jnani is compassion itself and the Jnani is omnipresent. So if a person is in China and they think of the Jnani, they are saved. Therefore the Jnani doesn’t have to go anywhere. the Jnani is all-pervading. There is no one to go anywhere or to do anything.’

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One Response to Excerpt from Robert Adams Satsang- No Suffering – 1991

  1. Sean Campbell says:

    Like it ! This is, however, an extremely rare state – pure Jnana – most of us can only aspire. Learning to integrate the “nothing to do/nowhere to go” with the “something to do/somewhere to go ” though, is a promising start – particularly when you can see the laughably ludicrous paradox that it is.

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