Embodying the Divine Femine – White Tara and Her Spiritual Sisters

Recently I had a Vedic astrology reading done for me by Sean Campbell, an acupuncturist who bases his work on your astrological chart, and it unveiled very many unexpected challenges that I had never really given much thought to in the past.

White Tara and my Love and Compassion Mandala

Although I had felt very drawn to Isis and Mary Magdalene over the years and had been inspired to paint these aspects or expressions of the Divine Feminine, I didn’t equate working with them as a way of discovering deeper levels of myself and actually embodying this energy in my everyday life.

So it came as a surprise when I was urged to delve deeply into this and ask these female deities for guidance and allow them to express themselves through me in all that I am.

Venus is emerging within the next few weeks as a major guiding force in my chart and the time is here for surrendering to this and letting her beauty and nurturing feminine energy come to the fore across the full spectrum of my being.

I know for some of you this would sound like a totally joyous and easy thing to do.

For me there is a huge challenge inherent in this. I have always loved to work with these energies, but from the back row. In the wings, so to speak. I have always loved to share with others and inspire them to take flight in this way.

But for me to embody the beauty and love of the spiritual sisters – Quan Yin, Tara and Mary Magdalene – tuning in I sense the old resistance.

I’m not the beauty that would be appropriate for this. I don’t have the right character type to carry this off. I wouldn’t want to be so visible….

And at the same time I know how I inspire others.  How I inspire them to go within and allow themselves to be moved by what feels right. To trust themselves and just allow free flow of what wants to emerge. To remember that they are of the divine, divine perfection in motion.

As I write these words I know that it is time for me to move into that knowing more deeply too and do what I would naturally avoid.

I created an altar to the Divine Femine last night and place this White Tara figurine in it, with some fresh flowers and crystals. She emerged when I visited ‘Enlightenment’, a beautiful shop in Glastonbury High Street.

And after lighting a candle and invoking Tara’s support and love, I felt such a strong presence, a knowing there is a very deep connection already there and that I needn’t fear anything.

I am now going to continue painting my silk, creating beautiful fabrics that will be made into Goddess clothes, expressions of the Divine Feminine. And I shall dress myself in these.

And I am now awake and alert, listening to the whisperings.  Ready to turn around and go off in the opposite direction, stepping out of my comfort zone.

I feel like I am right back at the start, exploring areas that remained closed to me before but with a renewed sense of purpose and trust. Not knowing what is around the next corner and not needing to know.

I am so grateful for the experience of delving into Vedic Astrology. And discovering my love of the Divine Feminine. And I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you along the way as I get to know these beautiful deities and allow them to speak through me.

If you’d like to have an insightful Vedic Astrology reading done, I’d really recommend you contact Sean Campbell too. He is based on the outskirts of London and can work with you via Skype: Email – Sean Campbell

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