Dyeing in the Sun – Fun with Silks and Colours

In case you hadn’t worked it out – I love colour and I love painting on silk. It’s just something that brings me alive and fills me joy.

Me getting ready to paint my rainbow silk

It feels like a fountain of lightness is just welling up from within and it’s wonderful to just surrender and go with the flow literally.

Today I was totally in the flow and was blessed to be able to play in the sunshine, an unusual occurrence. I thought it must be a bit like this in California… 🙂

So here are some of the photos from my session today. I took a large wooden frame and a crepe de chine scarf outside and set up my space.

On Saturday I gave another silk painting workshp and there are always lots of tubs of various dyes left over. And so I realised I was being given another opportunity to let go and just create some vibrant silk using only the colours in the little pots that I brought home with me.

And here is what happened. I had previously washed out the silk to remove the seracin, then I soaked it in a vinegar water mix for a quarter of an hour. I painted  all the dyes on the soaking wet silk so that they flowed beautifully into each other. The sun was so warm that the silk practically dried on the frame.

The rainbow silk drying in the sun

Needless to say this has sparked off so many new creative ideas that I could delve into. I find that the less my mind is involved in the process, the more vibrant it all is.

What a gorgeous array of rainbow colours on the silk

I enjoyed doing this and I really hope you enjoy these pictures.

The rainbow silk dried and ready to be steamed

Looking forward to sharing my next adventures with you.

If you’d like me to create a piece of silk artwork for you, whether wall, wearable or for the home, just contact me at info@silkandart.com and we can chat about making it happen.

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      Hi Alfonso

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