Dropping the Stories and Becoming More Transparent

I’m loving continuing to bring into my awareness where I am holding onto stories that keep me stuck in identification with the mind.

Every day I allow these stories to surface and I’m loving seeing them for what they are and gently letting them go.

A couple of days ago I unexpectedly came across another one. As you know I eat mostly raw food these days but in between eat some smaller pieces of cooked food whenever it’s something I feel moved to eat. Quite simply.

The kids were in the kitchen and we were starting to prepare some food. Pete, my eldest, asked if I wanted to try some of the meatballs they were going to make. My reply was that if it had been lamb, I might have said yes….

I stopped in my tracks and looked at him. It was an amazing moment. The realisation hit me. We both looked at each other. I said – Well, that’s a story if ever I heard one. – And we laughed. Then I answered the question again with: You know, I might just try a bit.

When the table was set, the usual bowls of salad and carrot and pepper sticks took their place amongst the other cooked offerings.

I took about a third of a meatball (they were very big) with a tiny drizzle of tomato sauce and added it to my heaped place of mixed salad. And I ate it. Pete had made a great job as usual.

This story of mine was so funny. If I was going to eat meat, then it was better to be bits of chicken or small amounts of lamb inbetween, but not pork or beef… Pouf! Story gone.

I still eat what I would say was around 90% raw but never forbid myself to eat anything. If I waken up tomorrow and feel moved to eat a week of pasta and cheese sauce, so be it.

Loving busting these myths I carefully wrap up and put in place as if they were gospel.

Where do you hold onto stories and truly believe in them? I’d love you to share.

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2 Responses to Dropping the Stories and Becoming More Transparent

  1. GRACE says:

    Fiona this is such a good reminder for me too!

    I love your commitment to your vitality and work but I also love the fact that you listen to all that is in your head and throw it out the window in return for what is in your body!
    If the body fancies something go for it, sex, food, dancing, yoga, meatballs …..at the end of the day it’s how you feel about it as you do it and after you do it.
    The mind can conjure up a million stories but the body never lies.

    Oh and yes I make up loads of stories about food to, I label a lot but in a recent mediation I asked : ” Would God Eat Pasta” ? And the response I got was ” God would eat anything that made him feel Good(God)”

    Thank You my lovely GXX

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      You’re so welcome! Thanks so much for sharing your story too Grace. So glad this inspired you. It’s so important to be congruent. Listening to what is true within. My mind is such a story teller. I used to listen to it all the time and believe it but that’s all changed now.

      I couldn’t help but smile imagining God tucking into a plate of pasta with a big smile on his face. Big hugs to you. xx

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