Down, Down, Deeper and Down….Dropping into Honesty

No matter how great the pressure becomes, no matter how deep I appear to be falling. No matter how intensely the other seems to be triggering me, pressing all my buttons. No matter how unappreciative everyone seems.

Remembering to be kind in the midst of it all. Remembering to have an open heart. Being that no matter what.

It’s so easy to kid ourselves that we’ve made it. That we’ve arrived. We reach a sort of plateau where it suddenly becomes easy to invent a story and pretend that we don’t need to go any further and choose to hold onto particular patterns that keep us stuck, but nobody else notices.

John de Ruiter calls this high level delusion. I guess this is where many of us become spiritual teachers and create systems to teach others by.

The only way through is by letting go. Taking our hands off our hearts. Allowing it all in. Being completely honest every step of the way.

It’s so freeing to just let go of what we are holding desperately onto. Even if it does seem painful.

Loving evolving.

…and nobody said it would be easy. But loving it every step of the way. xx

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