Digging Deeper with a 3 Card Reading

I was online yesterday chatting about going within to see what the different oracle cards could be saying to us and was inspired by the lovely Karen Lisle to share some further thoughts I had.

oracle cards

I encourage people to pick one each day for some general guidance and inspiration. The card may spark something off, bring you to go deeper and reflect. I also suggest picking 3 cards. They can be seen as Past, Present and Future, shedding light on the current situation.

Or you could see them as Yourself, the Central Theme and the Other. It’s really up to you how you want to work and play with them so there’s lots of scope for creativity.

What struck me about the online chat yesterday was the process involved in drawing 3 cards. The first card is drawn and sometimes there is great clarity and the heart responds. Other times it can still seem that the clarity is evading you. So you go a bit deeper and pick another card. Perhaps it sheds a bit more light on what it is you are seeking clarity on. But maybe it doesn’t quite bring you to that space of seeing.

So you resolve to dig deeper and pull the third card. It’s often as if a light goes on.  There is a shift as you seem to see with different eyes and then the first two cards slot into place.

It’s so lovely when someone has that determination to keep going until they see from the heart. And then has the honesty to take action on what they have realised.

At the end of the day these cards are tools to support you in opening up to the process of seeing things with eyes of truth. They can’t give you the answers but they can help to open up the heart and clear out the stories.

Coming to a realisation is something that happens deep within you in your heart. When you are willing to go beyond the stories you’ve been holding onto.  And when you are willing to reach out to another being with love.

And so, just sharing a few thoughts about the above cards. Insights that came to me: a continued reminder to be in my heart and recognise that my smaller self is not in control. See where I’m holding onto the old stories, keeping myself stuck in what is not true. And knowing that everything comes full circle. What I am being within will utimately express itself in the outer, either in myself or as a projection onto another.

Love to you.


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