Painting Mandalas on Canvas

As I continue to hone my video editing skills for my silk art online classes, I am enjoying creating mandala art time lapses and posting them on my YouTube channel.

fiona stolze burgundy mandala time lapseI have been painting these designs on silk for 2 decades and never got round to videoing me making them. So it has been an absolute delight to capture these moments as I create mandalas on canvas.

The time lapse allows you to watch the whole process in a very short space of time, catering for everyone’s busy-ness today. And that’s a good thing.

But I am also curious as to what your personal preference is. Do you enjoy seeing the whole thing compacted into 1 or 2 minutes? Or do you prefer to see the process in real time, savouring each individual stroke?

While you’re contemplating this, I’d love you to watch my latest time lapse offering:

I am aware of the need to grab people’s attention online and hold it, keeping things to a minimum. That seems to meet more with people’s needs these days. I’d love you to share your thoughts on this as, being the artist, I love both ways and see the need for both.

I look forward, as always, to hearing your thoughts. <3

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