Creating Gorgeous American Girl Dolls’ Sofas and Cushions from Dupioni Silk

And now for something completely different…. 🙂

I just had to share this latest project of my husband’s with you. He decided to build a doll’s sofa lovingly from scratch. I have such a large collection of silk offcuts and so we dug out various brightly coloured pieces a few days ago which he could use. This fuchsia dupioni is such a treat to look at and was just the perfect choice to get started with.

The wooden frame for the doll's sofa

My husband is no stranger to woodwork and so he got out all his tools in the garden and got started making a template for the wooden frame. First the individual pieces were sawn – back, sides, base. Next was the woodturning. The 4 feet were created.

Woodturning - making the feet for the dolls' house

And after that it was just one big flurry of creative activity. Foam was attached, a pattern was cut for the silk cover and then the silk fabric itself was cut out and sewn together. All the pieces were fitted together and the edges all expertly covered up before the feet were attached.

Putting foam and wadding on the wood

Next he and one of my sons got busy chopping up a down-filled cushion and cutting up brightly coloured silks to make sweet little matching cushions. They were all sewn, individually stuffed with feathers and then sewn closed. What a creative bunch.

Making the dolls' silk cushions

And so here I’m proud to share with you the results of their hard work. Such a beautiful little sofa. If I were a little doll, I would love to snuggle up on this to watch my favourite films. What about you? To be honest, although certain brands of dolls might fit perfectly onto this sofa, any of your dolls, cuddly animals or teddies would fit the bill too.

The great news is that these little sofas are now going into production and this first model will be available in my Etsy shop within the next 24 hours: Etsy listing for this fuchsia silk dolls sofa. It will be sent out within the UK by courier. If you live in mainland Europe, please contact us for a shipping quote. Further models will be on offer and if you are interested, you can contact us and let us know of your preferences.

A sneaky teddy enjoying the cushions

Beds and downies are on the horizon too, so watch this space.

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4 Responses to Creating Gorgeous American Girl Dolls’ Sofas and Cushions from Dupioni Silk

  1. Sean Campbell says:

    Very impressive, Fiona. Really nice to see your husband bringing his skills together with yours to create something rich and beautiful. Where have you been hiding him all this time ? This is the sort of thing I would expect to see becoming popular at craft fairs and specialist markets. Once you have got basic templates made up you could go into series production, but with each piece remaining lovingly crafted and finished by hand. Obviously a very talented family !

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks for commenting Sean and glad you like it too. Yes, I see this as something that could easily go into production. There are so many ideas, so many possibilites. And so many little dolls out there waiting for something very individual to recline on. 🙂

  2. Donna McCord says:

    Just love this! Wish this had been around when Taylor was little and had a doll house and spent hours playing with it!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Donna – thanks for that. It really makes you want to get the dolls out and play. I’m excited to see where this all goes. It will be fun for sure. x

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