Creating Art in the Coldest Spot on the Planet

We’ve just come out of a really cold snap – one that has had Edmonton ranked as the coldest spot on the planet with temperatures below -40 Celcius with real feel a few degrees below that too. It has been quite a challenge, but ideal for ramping up the heating and get creative indoors.

Fiona Stolze winter in edmonton

Here are a few photos I took during this time. This first one was the view through the window in our front porch. I really love the intricate patterning the frost has made.

Well really, the best thing for me to do was to go into my art room armed with a hot cup of tea and thermals and just got on with painting. Which is something I really love.

So here are some little peeks from my studio.

Fiona Stolze acrylic painting

A very textured, layered piece with gold accents created using one of my smaller palette knives.

Wolf moon abstract acrylic Fiona Stolze

And this is the Wolf Moon Portal painting I shared in my last post. See this as a matter of perspective. You can either look down the tunnel to the portal at the other end. Or you can see it as the full moon magically lighting up the dark night sky. This painting was completed at the point where the Wolf Moon was its fullest.

Fiona Stolze base chakra painting

Again another portal – this one is the base chakra (energy centre). Grounding, putting down roots, belonging.

Fiona Stolze acrylic painting

And here I am in action at the easel.

I’d love to start featuring some of my paintings, telling you their stories as I create them and share some process photos. Watch for my first feature in the next blog post.


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2 Responses to Creating Art in the Coldest Spot on the Planet

  1. Shauna Blake says:

    Thefrost patterns on the window are just spectacular! Love your new paintings Fiona, they are full of your wonderful energy and spirit!

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