Communicating with Integrity For the Highest Good of all Concerned

Today was day 11 of the 30 day challenge I am doing with a lovely friend of mine, Aquara Soma. We decided spontaneously just under 2 weeks ago to do this challenge and to contemplate ‘A Question of Resonance’. And of course, we chose to broadcast our daily sharings on Blog Talk Radio.

I’d love you to watch this video to hear what we’ve been discussing over the past couple of days:

I’ve been noticing big changes in my energy through making this choice. I’m feeling a real heart connection with all those around me and a deepening sense of honesty. It means that there is nothing to hide behind and that everything is out in the open. And being this way communicates a genuine willingness to be there for the other and myself.

It’s really as if some switches have been thrown. And it all began by setting intention to show up every evening with Aquara and share in a heartfelt way.

I used to talk about alternative realities, knowing that they existed as I was able to dip into ones I created from time to time. However, this reality feels different from any others I have experienced for myself. It has a feeling of coming home. As if the veil has been lifted and I can see clearly now. I find that I wake up in the morning and am excited to get started with my meditation. I’m feeling energy moving through me in a completely new way and am doing my gratitude exercise with a new depth.

And when I get up and look in the mirror, I’m excited to see that my eyes look different. I’m seeing myself with new eyes. And I feel inspired by the reflection.

Holding this resonance within this challenge has become a new way of life. So these 30 days are only the start. I feel exhilirated at the thought of what will come next.

Committing to continue fully showing up for myself and to be fully present to every moment. And loving this enhanced sense of self empowerment and the fullness of life I’m experiencing.

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