You can commission me to paint a wide selection of artwork for you. So here are some of the services I offer:

(1) INDIVIDUALISED MANDALAS: I offer a special service of creating your own individual mandala on silk. This personalised mandala painting serves as a strong focal point in your home or workspace, depending on where you choose to hang it. The mandala is implemented in many forms of therapy to enable the client to find an easy way of expressing inner conflicts which are deeply buried and cannot find expression in words, thus overcoming huge barriers within a short time.

Mandalas are also excellent focal points for meditation which enhances peace of mind and eases problem-solving with whole-minded brain activity. Meditation is also an ideal way to calm the mind, reduce stress levels, bring clarity into your every-day life and to further inspire you to greater creativity.

Your personal mandala is a reflection of your soul with colour vibrations tailored to uplift and inspire you at all times, harmonising and balancing at all times.

When you commission me to paint your own unique mandala on silk, we discuss the basic colours to be incorporated, ones you particularly resonate with, and then I create your mandala in flow with your energy.

Please allow around 30 days for completion of a standard mandala (approx. 40m x 40cm). Large mandalas (approx. 90cm x 90cm are very work intensive and can take up to 2 months for completion.

Your completed artwork is carefully packaged, rolled up in a secure postal tube for safe transport. I am there to give you advice on how to back, mount and frame your mandala.

(2) INDIVIDUALISED SILK SCARF: I can create a beautiful, original scarf for you in the colour and design of your choice. This can be on pongee, crepe-de-chine or chiffon, depending on the look you want.

Crepe-de-chine scarf painted in layers with the wax technique

The look you decide you would like can be created in any number of layers and combination of dyes, using different types of resist and techniques. No two scarves ever turn out exactly the same and so your piece of artwork is completely unique to you.

You can also choose whether or not you’d like a long thin scarf or one that is square as each one creates its own individual look and style. I can give you suggestions as to how to tie your silk artwork for the optimum look.

(3) PERSONALISED CUSHION COVERS: You can either have a single unique silk art cushion cover painted according to your specifications or a matching pair or set of 4. There will be slight price discounts for sets of 2 or 4.

Double Happiness cushions as a wedding gift

Double Happiness cushions as a wedding gift

I typically paint cushion covers using satin silk to give you a beautiful sheen. You can choose the colour scheme and design as well as colour of dupioni silk for the back panel.

Designs can be painted in a variety of different techniques using wax, gold resist, salt and tie-dye. This photo shows a gold resist pattern on satin silk with a double happiness motif.


(5) INDIVIDUALISED HANDPAINTED SILK FABRIC: I also create individual lengths of silk which you can use to make a beautiful item of exotic clothing for yourself. Please ask for a quote, letting me know what sort of piece you have in mind and we can discuss the silk type, design and colour scheme. You can choose to have something very simple but with vibrant or pastell colours which hold the stage all by themselves, or something with lots of fine detail. Prices will completely depend on the complexity of the design and therefore the time involved.

If you would like me to create an individual piece of artwork for you, please contact me personally either by e-mail at or by phone at +44 (0)7873348933 to discuss all further details. I look forward to hearing from you.

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