Christmas Readings Offer

I want to make a special offer to any of you who would like to have a recorded reading from me to get one at a really discounted rate over Christmas leading up to New Year.

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This is the deal – you can book a 30 minute reading and I will send you an mp3 recording of it by email to listen to at your leisure. This can be either for you or for a loved one. The cost is £11 (payment details below). This is not a Skype session.

This is perfect because it means I can do it quite quickly for you over the festive period whereas normal Skype sessions are much harder to fit in. Leading up to Christmas I can do it the same day for you. Over Christmas for a couple of days it may take a little longer but I will let you know and do the best I can.

All I need is the name of the person the reading is for and their email. You or they can ask me a question if needed, but otherwise I can do the recording without any further information. I will send a confirmation email to let the person know that I am planning the reading and will give a close approximation as to when to expect to receive the audio file.

Christmas Reading Offer (select Paypal or Etsy):

And here is the Etsy link: Special Christmas Reading Offer

Just click on this link to book your reading or book one via my Etsy store and I’ll be back in touch with you as soon as I can. If you have any difficulties reaching me, please contact me via email: Christmas Reading Offer. Thanks.

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