Chakra Silk Paintings on a Snowy Sunday Afternoon

It’s a very snowy April afternoon, and it also happens to be a Sunday. So I thought – what better way to spend it than to start posting the recent photos I took of my chakra (energy centre) silk paintings.

I’m going to share some of the photos of the process of creating them so you can see how they came about. And I will be sharing some information about the chakras in some posts to come. Watch this space. 🙂

This first photo shows the gold resist being applied to the white silk. This forms the lines of the pattern.

Next we see the paints being applied. The colours are always so vibrant and everything really comes to life. I added some metallic shimmer paint to the chakra symbols as well as to the leaves of the lotuses on all the paintings for special effect and really liked how it turned out.

I also added some rock salt to some of the paintings for special effect. When you add the salt while the paint is still wet, it creates beautiful abstract patterns, moving the colour around on the silk away from where the salt is touching the fabric.

When the paintings were dry, I added some more gold effects to the backgrounds to bring some movement in.

Here they are all dry on frame and ready to be heat set. The following photo shows them separated and piled up, waiting to be stretched onto canvas frames.






And here is the complete chakra set, all displayed nicely together on their frames. These will now be going into my online Etsy store, so do let me know if you are interested in having some of your own.

Thank you for visiting my blog. And watch out for my next posts which will share some information with you about the individual chakras.

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