Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

So often in life we are totally unable to see and hear ourselves. Yes, most of us can look in the mirror and see the reflection or hear our voice as we speak to others. But I’m talking about hearing and seeing on a much deeper level. How much of what we say is uttered without us giving so much as a second thought to what we’ve said. And how much of what we do is simply done without any … Continue reading

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Meet my Latest Mandala Silk Painting – Om Mani Padme Hum

This evening I just completed my latest mandala painting. I actually started work on it many months ago but stopped about half way through and just waited until the inspiration came to continue. It’s often that way with my artwork. I only start to paint when I feel moved to do so. It’s a spiritual journey exploring the divine through colour and shape. And when I do, I love to get my studio all cosy. First of all I select … Continue reading

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The Breath of Fire – How Kundalini Yoga Breathing Can Revitalise You

I first attended a kundalini yoga class in Bristol 9 months ago and was really intrigued as to how it was going to be as I had heard so much about it from various people. It was a yoga form that was supposed to be perfect for bringing suppleness into the spine and nurturing and strengthening the nervous system. Some of you might remember the post I wrote about this a few months ago – Awakening Through Kundalini Yoga. I … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When You Have Brain Noise?

If you sometimes worry that your mind is making so much noise that you can hardly hear yourself think, then just remember than calming down the mind is one of the hardest jobs that we have to do and that everyone is touched by this issue in some way or another. You are certainly not alone. I find it really helps to just bring your awareness to it and observe. See what nonsense your mind is getting up to. And … Continue reading

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Being a Catalyst in Other People’s Lives

Just by being yourself you can bring about so much change in your world. You don’t have to consciously seek to do things that you think might help. Simply being true to yourself and living your joy is such a powerful way of touching other people’s lives. Inspiration comes from being authentic and allowing your heart to sing. It is so contagious. Originally inspire comes from the Latin – inspirare – which means to breathe into. And the English word … Continue reading

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How to Find Inner Peace in Your Heart

If you’re at all like most people on this planet, there will be times where you feel that you’ve lost all connection and can’t see your way ahead with clarity. And when we lose that clarity, our mind is taking over, clouding our vision and creating the illusion that it has power over us. But when you stop to still the chatter and bring your awareness to your heart, it is there that you make the discovery that all is … Continue reading

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Ecstatic Kundalini Dance – the Ultimate Spiritual Workout

I took the plunge and went along to a kundalini dance session run by Mark Keane in the Wilder St. Studio in Bristol. You probably know that I published a 34 minute interview with him talking about the yoga, dance and conscious clubbing that he offers and I had to admit that I hadn’t been to a dance class. I had been to the yoga class many times but hadn’t experienced the dancing yet and so I decided to go … Continue reading

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Walking a Labyrinth – Inspiration from the Mandalas

Many of you will know that I have recently developed a set of mandala guidance cards which I now use in one-to-one sessions to help people take a snapshot of their lives, by identifying goals and obstacles in different areas, seeing the overall pattern and gaining insights as to how to unravel the threads. I was thrilled to recently have the pleasure of working with a dear friend of mine, Judy Stone-Goldman, whom I met online within the context of … Continue reading

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Magically Increase Your Yoga Stretches by Changing Your Posture

I was delighted to gain a new insight on how to overcome the limitations of my mind in my when doing yoga stretches. Watch this video to see what happened. I always find that when I’m doing yoga, I imagine in my mind’s eye that I’m doing the complete stretch or exercise completely and with great ease. Especially so when rolling my spine. In areas where there is stiffness I see suppleness and flexibility in my mind’s eye. It also … Continue reading

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Meeting Your Fears Face to Face

I’d like to invite you to watch this video in its entirety. I love Gangaji’s presence. I watched this video a few days ago and was hugely inspired by Gangaji’s words. She spoke of things that deeply resonated with me. The recognition that I’m running from something I can’t escape from because it is an aspect of myself. And always holding the intention to tell the truth. Giving up the illusion is so freeing. Are you willing to look … Continue reading

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