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Massive Clearout of my Silkandart Online Shops

For many years I have sold a multitude of items in my online silk shops but this August I will be stopping selling most of them and bringing a complete focus to a small range of pure silks. By that I mean the scarves, wraps, altar cloths, silk bags, silk panels, etc. All the other items are now being permanently phased out. These include small framed pictures, all types of supplies, mandala pocket mirrors, cushion/pillow covers, ties,  window pictures, painted … Continue reading

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Featured Facebook Fan on Friday with LouLovesLearning

What a lovely surprise. At the end of last week my very lovely friend Louise Edington contacted me and told me that I was her Facebook Fan of the Week and that she would like to do an interview feature with me. Well, I couldn’t say no, could I? In fact, I was totally delighted. I took a bit of time out to sit down and pen my responses to her questions and send them back over to her. It’s … Continue reading

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Kindred Spirit Article

Some of you will already know from my Silk & Art page on Facebook that I had an editorial run this month on my artwork in Kindred Spirit. I was really thrilled that they hardly edited it and just put it out there much in the way they got it from me. I tried to scan the pages and post them on Facebook but due to the size of the images there, the text was totally fuzzed and no-one could … Continue reading

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In-Depth Interview with Me (Fiona Stolze) in the UkHandmade Blog

Hurrah! I’m rich and famous now. Isn’t it great when other magazines and blogs run features on you? Well, you can imagine how thrilled I am that UKHandmade are doing an in-depth interview with me in their blog. If you read the earlier posts I made, you’ll know that it follows on from a competition they ran which I was joint winner of. We were asked to submit an article of no more than 500 words on a topic relating … Continue reading

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I’ve Won a Competition Run by UKHandmade

Last month I was surfing the net, looking at various forums related to arts and crafts in the UK. And just by chance I came across UKHandmade. So I had a quick look, liked what I saw and signed up. It was quick and easy to put together my profile and get started. Then I began to dig a bit deeper and find out what was going on behind the scenes. It was then that I discovered a competition…which had … Continue reading

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