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Art Gallery of the Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge July – August 2012

I’m proud to present the results of the second Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge, July-August 2012 here in this post. This is already becoming a regular feature and I was really able to feel the momentum build as we worked our way through our creations. For those of you who are new to the mantangle concept, please have a look at this post which explains how it all started: Create a Mantangle on Silk . This time the challenge required everyone … Continue reading

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New Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge: July – August 2012

It’s that time again and here we are, ready to take on our next challenge. But first of all, huge gratitude to all those of you who took part in the first Mantangles silk painting challenge. I’m not going to go into all the details of how this started. Suffice to say that I documented it all in some earlier posts, and so I’d love you to go and read up and see where all of this came from. So … Continue reading

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The First Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge is Complete

It’s been quite a few weeks since I originally posted the Mantangle silk painting challenge and in the end, 5 other artists accompanied me through this one. Here is a link to the original post with the challenge – Create a Mantangle on Silk. Have a look at the video concerned so that you know what this project was all about. My thought had been to take on the challenge of creating a mandala-like piece of art but without any … Continue reading

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Venus in Transit – Heart Opening Through the Divine Feminine

I’m sure every one of you reading this post is already familiar with the news about the upcoming Venus Transit on June 5th/6th 2012. But I wanted to share with you a beautiful story I have around this Transit and how it links in with my mandala artwork. Just before I tell you about the painting I’d like to fill in a little of the background information surrounding the transit in case any of you don’t know. I’m not an … Continue reading

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Silk Painting Challenge – Create an Original ‘Mantangle’ on Silk

I love a good challenge and even more, I love to create a challenge and invite others to join in. And that’s exactly what this post is all about. We are going to be creating an image inspired by the zentangle. This is an artform that is slow and meditative and consists of drawing a design using lines – straight, curved, wavy, zig-zag, and allowing them to organically come together to form a cohesive, expressive whole. I am sharing a … Continue reading

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Naming the Mandala and Giveaway Celebrating 800 Followers on the Facebook SilkandArt Page

It’s always such a joy to see new followers on my Silkandart Facebook Page and I am full of gratitude for every one of you that comes and visits and gives support and suggestions. And just recently we topped 800 followers which was so amazing. Just a year ago I was seriously thinking of closing down the page and doing something new. I’m so glad I didn’t.  Big thanks for Ann Evanston‘s support on that one. So here we are … Continue reading

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Batik Mandalas and Silk Painting – a Fabulous Combination

Well, not too long ago I decided to have a break from creating my traditional mandalas on silk using gold resist and dyes. I was open to exploring new directions and giving free flow to my creativity. I began to play with soya wax more and bought myself some tjantings and just literally got going. At the same time I was introduced to the world of fluorescent dyes which was a real delight. However, rather than let my active mind … Continue reading

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How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 2)

I’m going to be sharing with you the remainder of the process I started in my first post ‘How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 1)’. I began a wall hanging which I had decided to create doing a base coat of orange and pink hues with Himalayan salt sprinkled on them. And on top of that I painted a soya wax pattern which I then filled in with a dark purplish mixture, creating a dark … Continue reading

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Mandala Paintings, Silk & Art and Tallaght Library, Dublin

Just a couple of days ago I was browsing through my thousands of digital photos from the past few years and came across a handful I had of an exhibition I did in Tallaght Library in Dublin in 2009. It was one of those spontaneous, last minute things. A few days before the Easter holidays were due to start. And someone who had been scheduled to exhibit their artwork for 3 weeks had withdrawn. So they were looking for someone … Continue reading

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Follow the Path to Your Heart – RedBubble Mandala T-Shirt

Many of you are already familiar with the art site RedBubble which offers artists the opportunity to sell prints and clothing with their art images emblazoned on them. You as the artist allow RedBubble to use your image. They in turn produce the physical product and deal with production, shipping, returns, etc. and you get a self-chosen commission on any items ordered with your artwork. So all in all, it’s a great deal if you don’t want to get involved … Continue reading

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