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Sharing Our Wisdom With Each Other

I love the way that communication and sharing works in this world. Every single one of us is there to share wisdom with every one else if they are only open to hearing it at all times. And yet, thinking we know better and closed to this flow of wisdom, we often float on by, past some of the most amazing gems that could totally transform our world. But we missed it because we thought we knew best how to … Continue reading

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Welcome to my musings…

There’s nothing I love more than digging deep into the Mystery. Digging into the meaning of what we find ourselves in. Questioning everything I encounter and enjoying the journey I go on as I move through layer after layer towards what rings deep and true in my heart. This may be a life of challenge and difficulty, and yet, due to all the encounters we have during our lives, we come to understand more, gain ever deepening insights, and above … Continue reading

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Giving a Painting a New Face

People who follow my art account on Instagram often comment how amazed they are at how much some of my paintings morph as they come into being. And they’re absolutely right. There’s something absolutely exciting about starting off a painting, creating a base layer to work on. I always know without a doubt that I’m going to be giving it a new face when I return to apply a second layer the next day. But I know that my paintings … Continue reading

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A Loaf a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I know. It was actually something about apples. But….that’s okay, huh? We all like a good loaf, right? Yes, of course we do. So on that note let’s have a look at what I was up to yesterday. In recent years I have had to listen more and more carefully and respond to the messages from my gut as I was having ongoing digestive issues that I just didn’t seem to be able to resolve. I’m not a person that … Continue reading

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End of an Era with Facebook

Yes, I’m closing down my Facebook art page after 10 1/2 years of activity and 2,300 followers. So what prompted me to do this? Well, all good things come to an end at some point. When I first started out, far fewer people had FB pages. It was quite amazing to be able to have massive responses to regular posts without boosting or ads. Page owners were generally much further and fewer between than they are now. And there were … Continue reading

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Living in a River of Constant Change

If there’s one thing that is sure, it is that we live in a world of constant change. The person that gets up in the morning is not the same as the one that jumps into bed at the end of an active day. And the same is true of every other aspect of our lives. The endless cycle of seasons, the constant wheel of days and nights, the mesmerising dance of sun and moon rising and setting plays out … Continue reading

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Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mantra for the Manifestation of Pure Love

“Dear One, I know that you are suffering. That is why I am here for you.” These words of Thich Nhat Hanh are taken from his book “True Love – A Practice for Awakening the Heart.” This is a mantra which we can speak from the heart to manifest our true presence for the other. When I read these words again this morning, I was deeply touched in my heart. I really know the truth of this.  I know what … Continue reading

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Heart Connections

A couple of days ago I did a short reading based on the card I drew from my deck for the day. It was Heart Connection. If  there’s one thing I’ve come to realise about my heart, it’s that I can’t pretend to have it open some of the time, and then close it down at other times when it suits me. Either my heart is wide open or it’s contracted and closed. It’s quite simple really. And it’s a … Continue reading

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Creating Art in the Coldest Spot on the Planet

We’ve just come out of a really cold snap – one that has had Edmonton ranked as the coldest spot on the planet with temperatures below -40 Celcius with real feel a few degrees below that too. It has been quite a challenge, but ideal for ramping up the heating and get creative indoors. Here are a few photos I took during this time. This first one was the view through the window in our front porch. I really love the … Continue reading

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Mantangles and More Art Group Challenge Two

Our group has completed its second art challenge. And it was so different from the first one. So here we are again with a gallery of the submitted finished pieces. I’m going to share the brief with you to put you in the picture. Everyone was asked to create a mantangle (a zentangle-inspired mandala) on paper using a Sharpie. So no erasing. The finished piece was to be about 40cm x 40cm. The artist could either draw 5 random concentric … Continue reading

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