Bristol Covered in Snow

We seldom get snow in the South West of England so when it does come, there is always great rejoicing. I’m talking about when it really falls…and stays.

When we all woke up yesterday morning, there had been a huge delivery of snow overnight and when we pulled back the curtains, I truly jumped for joy.

I got all dressed up for the cold, with layer after layer and then grabbed my camera before heading off down to the park and the woodland walk I love.

It was snowing softly all the while and I was so enjoying taking snapshot after snapshot, loving the shapes that were emerging as the snowflakes created layers on everything they touched. The whole landscape was transformed.

So here I decided to just share a big selection of my treasures with you. Without further comment. And I hope they touch you as they have touched me. x

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2 Responses to Bristol Covered in Snow

  1. Ingrid Thomson says:

    Your like me Fiona, I love to go out and take photos of everything. Once on screen, you see things you didn’t see when taking the photo.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi there – yes it’s lovely to snap shots outside in nature. I love to sit and look at them on the screen. They always look really different. 🙂 x

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