Brand New Slide Show of my Mandala Silk Paintings

I’ve been asked by many of you who have visited my website where all my mandala silk paintings are.

The focus has been on the silk cushions, pictures and cards but I realise now that lots of people have been expecting to be able to browse in the gallery and see the artwork I have been doing over the past few years.

So…. in response to that, Michael has kindly put together quite an extensive slide show which you can enjoy at your leisure. There’s a pause button, with forwards and backwards so you can take time to look at your favourite mandalas.

Just follow this link to the page on the website and remember to come back here afterwards and leave any comments you have. The first button is for the new extensive slide show and underneath that is the YouTube film, the older, much shorter one we did to music several months ago.

Slide Show of my Mandala Silk Paintings

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and enjoy.


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2 Responses to Brand New Slide Show of my Mandala Silk Paintings

  1. Judy says:

    Hi Fiona…
    Your work is beautiful. I am a beginner and have a question. I am not very clear on the resist technique. It sort of sounded like you actually leave the resist on your pieces sometimes. Is that right? Can it be left if for instance, you want to have lines that define your design or do you have to remove the resist and how exactly do you remove it?
    Thanks so much…

    • Fiona says:

      Hi Judy

      Glad you like the silk mandalas and do excuse me for not getting back until now. Here’s my answer to the question you have asked.

      The resist technique is when you apply a substance to the silk that forms a barrier and stops the dye flowing freely all over the silk. When you use gutta, it can be left in or removed.

      I use gold gutta which creates beautiful gold lines and so I leave these in as they are an integral part of the design. You can, however, add clear gutta, too. When you have finished painting on the dyes and fixing them, you can then wash out the gutta, provided it is water-based.

      If you use the other type of gutta, you will need to take it to a dry-cleaner’s to have it removed which is costly and time-consuming. I always use the water-soluble version which is healthier, too, as there are no fumes to breathe in.

      Hope this helps, Judy.

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