Books and Art Tell You When They Want Out to Play

I’ve been learning so much as I bear witness to the writing of the book. The book that I knew I would be writing just after I published my mandala oracle deck 7 years ago. It was stamped clearly in the celestial order form and so it would only be a matter of time.


fionastolze sea of calm book

And so when the whisperings came to me a few weeks ago to just go ahead and get started, that was it. I’ve always known that I’m a messenger girl for whatever wants to come to expression. Whether it’s my silk or acrylic art, one of my live readings, or now writing a book. It makes no difference.

In recent months I’ve been loving reading books by others who have been there and shared their own experience and wisdom. And it feels a bit like receiving the baton now. Understanding that when the prompting to drop into the creative process gets louder in your ear, there’s nothing else for it but to jump up and just get started straight away. In recent times I’ve really come to see how these projects and ideas that seem to pop into your head are there by design. They are literally telling you that it’s time.

For quite a few months now I have been writing Morning Pages, inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. And that has been so freeing for me. You just start to write as soon as you open your eyes in the morning and literally go into free fall with your writing. Whatever comes. I’ve always been a prolific writer and so this was really up my street. I’ve always loved expressing myself in journals, taking notes on anything inspiring that arises in my world, and generally thoroughly enjoyed myself putting pen to paper. There is something thrilling about watching the ink flow from the nib onto the page. I write exclusively with fountain pens now which is really decadent and highly enjoyable. As I grew up, my Dad always spoiled me with fancy Lady Sheaffer pens and I got very attached to them indeed. I still have a couple of these. They are old vintage ladies now but a delight to hold and write with. So I do have the pleasure of watching the ink flowing out of these nibs.

fionastolze julia cameron artist's way

As to the writing, there’s something quite amazing about knowing that the words will continue to flow no matter what. It’s something that I know. All I need to do is stay on task and keep moving the pen. And so, bringing my focus to the first draft of my book that I am creating now, it all seems very simple and straightforward. I literally only need to keep turning up to continue where I left off at the end of my previous session. The book is actually writing itself. I get that. It really has nothing at all to do with me. The thought arises. I spot it and latch on. I get excited about it and then just bring it to life.

It really does want out to play. And it’s rather funny because a few months ago I stated quite clearly that I never saw myself as a writer. That writing a manuscript was not something that….what? That I would ever want to do? And yet, here I am writing one because one day I was suddenly told that it was time.

And the truth is that I can apply this to absolutely everything in my life. I am here as a vehicle for what is so much deeper than is visible on the surface. The more that I truly take care to listen, to pay attention to what is appearing in front of my eyes, the more ease there is in my life. Instead of taking everything personally and thinking that I need to excel in this or that, I can simply surrender to being deeply attentive and receive the instructions that are constantly being whispered to me. It’s never about the excellence of the actual person bringing their creativity into the world. It’s about how committed they are to being a pure channel for what lies deeper and wants to come to expression. It’s about their ability to get completely out of the way and joyfully allow the transmission to happen.

fionastolze sea of calm book

It’s like a muscle that simply needs to be exercised. The more attentive we become, the louder and clearer the promptings become and there is a veritable acceleration in the whole process. And everything that we transmit from other realms becomes fully visible in us as we go about the business of our lives.

It’s Easter Sunday and I’m sitting here quietly surrounded by journals, books, and pens. I am going to continue to train this muscle. Listening attentively. Reminding myself to get out of the way and allow the free movement of whatever wants to emerge. And I have no idea where this is leading and actually know that it doesn’t have to at all. That’s it’s only ever about living life to the full. And being in full response to what is beckoning us towards more love.

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