Turning a Blind Eye to the Magnificence of Life


It’s been a long time since I last read fiction. I used to be a prolific reader and would devour anything I got my hands on. The subjects would range from really mundane topics to sublime texts that would blow my fuses. My mind loved the challenge of letting anything in that truly called me to rethink my world. Spiritual texts were a particular favourite. And all kinds of books that opened my mind to questioning anything that I had … Continue reading

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Compassion for Us All Not Knowing That We Don’t Know.


I’m reminded of those posts online where people say – “You just can’t unsee this!” Often these are comical situations and we can just have a laugh. But I want to talk about those things that we literally can’t unsee once we have become exposed to them. And above all, I want to just share with you how my mind has been changed and I have softened a bit in whole way of seeing. I’m talking, of course, about our … Continue reading

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A Loaf a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


I know. It was actually something about apples. But….that’s okay, huh? We all like a good loaf, right? Yes, of course we do. So on that note let’s have a look at what I was up to yesterday. In recent years I have had to listen more and more carefully and respond to the messages from my gut as I was having ongoing digestive issues that I just didn’t seem to be able to resolve. I’m not a person that … Continue reading

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Finding Gratitude for the Platform that Facebook Was


And so today is finally the day my Facebook art page closes its doors. It’s really quite a bitter-sweet moment as I get prepared to pull down the shutters. The sweetness arises from all the fun times I’ve had on this page. The times I have posted a video or slideshow and many people responded with comments and questions. And I enjoyed looking back at all of the memories of my many years of artistic activity. This video I posted … Continue reading

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Opening a New Artist’s Group on MeWe


Well, this has been fun to do. As I continue the countdown over the next 4 days to the closure of my FB page, I have been inspired to kickstart a new group over on MeWe for artists like myself to come together and share their artistic process. It’s feels like we’re real pioneers. I don’t know how many of you remember your early days on Facebook. It felt strange coming onto the site, not really finding anything and thinking … Continue reading

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End of an Era with Facebook


Yes, I’m closing down my Facebook art page after 10 1/2 years of activity and 2,300 followers. So what prompted me to do this? Well, all good things come to an end at some point. When I first started out, far fewer people had FB pages. It was quite amazing to be able to have massive responses to regular posts without boosting or ads. Page owners were generally much further and fewer between than they are now. And there were … Continue reading

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Thinking You Know Better Than the Next


I love my daily rounds of Facebook and other social media sites. It always bring a smile to my face to see the dynamic interactions that take place in the threads. These sites are full of experts, advisers, consultants and better-knowers. So delightful in many ways. I mean, don’t you just love it when your online friends jump in and take care of things for you. You know, set things right. Thank goodness they’re there. The bottom line is that … Continue reading

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Painting Mandalas on Canvas


As I continue to hone my video editing skills for my silk art online classes, I am enjoying creating mandala art time lapses and posting them on my YouTube channel. I have been painting these designs on silk for 2 decades and never got round to videoing me making them. So it has been an absolute delight to capture these moments as I create mandalas on canvas. The time lapse allows you to watch the whole process in a very … Continue reading

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Saying Thank You to the People Who Trigger You


We’re all the same, aren’t we? We find it easy to be comfortable with and like those people who make life easy for us and agree with what we’re doing in life. On the other hand we tend to go quickly into defence mode with those people who aren’t really saying what we want to hear. I just caught myself yesterday feeling a bit miffed at what someone had said to me and then caught myself. Remembering that my whole … Continue reading

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Moving Forwards When the Green Light Goes On


Do you find that life has a way of switching green lights off and on as you progress on your path? And do you have a sense that you actually have no control whatsoever over this switching on and off process?  And how do you feel being totally out of control in the process? My most recent green light has been the opening up of my online silk painting courses which I truly did not see coming. But it’s often … Continue reading

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