Being the Love for Others

It is important in our lives to make space to allow the mind to calm and become still. When we can come to a point of stillness where everything settles, it is from within that space that the truth arises. The truth that we are already all of what we think we are seeking. Out of that beautifully golden stillness arises the knowing that we are that which we seek. Our movement in this world from that quiet space is our biggest gift to others.

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And as we move in this way, we are love complete. Love does not need love. Love does not need to give love. Love is love.

From that quiet, hands-off space, we move as only love knows how to move. That is already everything. Just as water has no need of water.  Love has no need of love. All of what we are is for everyone else on the planet. It is not for us to decide when, where, and to whom we will apportion it. And we don’t need to even be experiencing this beautiful flow of what we are. It is happening, no matter what our minds may be telling us. All from the quiet and stillness.

So how are we making space today for stillness in our lives? A quiet walk in the woods….meditation….lying on our backs listing to sacred chants….enjoying a warming bath with essential oils.

Whatever it is, allow that stillness to arise. And treasure the gold. Be the love for others.

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