Batik Mandalas and Silk Painting – a Fabulous Combination

Well, not too long ago I decided to have a break from creating my traditional mandalas on silk using gold resist and dyes. I was open to exploring new directions and giving free flow to my creativity.

Dyes applied to the dupioni (raw) silk

I began to play with soya wax more and bought myself some tjantings and just literally got going. At the same time I was introduced to the world of fluorescent dyes which was a real delight.

Close up of the dupioni silk texture

However, rather than let my active mind decide how things were going to unfold, I always go into that quiet space within and wait to see what reveals itself and then just start.

Interestingly you can see that mandalas have emerged from that stillness, but mandalas with a completely new look.

Applying the soya wax mandala pattern to the dupioni silk

I am using soya wax in my tjanting as a resist and at present I have changed over to raw silk, dupioni, which has slubs in it. This makes for wonderful texture and the light catches the surface of the fabric in such delightful ways.

Wax mandala complete and ready for painting

It comes with new challenges as the surface is not smooth and so I have to slow down and allow the wax to penetrate all the threads in the fabric.

Today I am starting to add dye to the waxed mandala pattern and have been thoroughly enjoying the process. Here are the first few photos documenting my creation.

Close up of the batik mandala on dupioni

The photos that have turned out the best are those I took in the daylight with the sun’s rays flooding through the window. I’m not surprised at that.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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