This is an animated video of some of my mandala artwork:

I’d like to invite you to visit my Silk & Art website for some inspiration for your personal mandala painting.

You can find a wide selection of my artwork in the gallery category.

This link will take you to a slideshow of my artwork on the Silk & Art website.

I can create a mandala painting for you in various sizes, starting from 45cm x 45cm. The motifs and colour scheme will be chosen by you . I then take over the process and allow artistic expression to complete the process.

Please send me an email at to discuss any particular ideas you have and to receive a quote for what you have in mind. We will then have a conversation on Skype to further clarify your wishes and work out the details.

I look forward to hearing from you.


To experience exquisite art from human history, we love to visit art galleries and museums to catch a glimpse of pure genius, have our spirit uplifted and feel pure inspiration from the masters expression of art. The artwork that Fiona Stolze produces takes me back to the great art of antiquities in its beauty and presence. I could not recommend her work high enough. It is so very special.

Nichola Burton, CEO – Brisbane, Australia

7 Responses to MANDALAS

  1. christine davis says:

    Fiona, I love your mandala’s. It wasn’t until I watched one of your video’s that I realized just how big they are. Wow!

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  3. Dianne Graham says:

    Hi Fiona,
    I love mandala and have just discovered your site today. Your silk mandala are exquisite.
    You have an exceptional gift.

  4. cameron forster says:


    We live on a boat in Tahiti, and are searching for mandala art we can attach to our large sliding glass door. The largest we find on line is about 6″… We are looking for something larger… Saw a link to a Youtube video or yours with instructions how to mount mandala stickers, but cannot find them on your site… Do you sell window decals, and if so, what sizes/designs? Thank you!

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