Silk Painting at Art in Action, Slane 2008

This year I had the pleasure of attending Art in Action in Slane, which was hosted by the Irish School of Philosophy from May 31st – June 2nd 2008. . The event took place in the beautiful grounds which the school owns near Drogheda, first turn off after the Boyne Suspension Bridge travelling north on the M1.

This is an event you can take the kids to, as there is a wide variety of workshops on offer which they can take part in to let their creative streak run wild. Parents can enjoy the refreshments on offer, wander through the art and craft marquees for unusual gifts, or just relax in the sun and listen to the live music.

There was quite a busy schedule of talks being offered in the main building covering a wide range of subjects from Tai Chi to Martin Luther King, while outside the visitors were able to go from marquee to marquee and enjoy watching artists plying their craft and in many cases, they were able to try their own hand at these different forms of art.

We had a stand in one of the demonstration marquees and were able to show visitors how silk painting is actually done, as well as sell a variety of products we had on offer. It was amazing how many people were under the impression that silk painting was really ‘silk screen’ painting or printing. We spent quite a bit of time dispelling that myth, explaining that silk painting was indeed a form of painting and that silk screen printing was a printing process which was originally done with silk frames, hence the name. No further relationship between the two.

The weekend was very hot and lots of families were arriving with picnic baskets and blankets to have their lunch on the lawn and bask in the sun. It was definitely a very enjoyable event, offering a wide range of art to cater for many tastes. One of the purposes of this event is to reconnect people with hobbies they may have given up in the past or perhaps never really got round to trying out. Our experience was definitely very positive as we were able to introduce a large number of people to silk painting and inspire them to invest in a starter kit to create their own works of art at home. There was a lot of interest in the silk painting workshops we run here and so we are very grateful for all those contacts we made.

For further details and for those of you who might like to participate yourself, look up

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