Art Gallery of the Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge July – August 2012

I’m proud to present the results of the second Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge, July-August 2012 here in this post. This is already becoming a regular feature and I was really able to feel the momentum build as we worked our way through our creations.

For those of you who are new to the mantangle concept, please have a look at this post which explains how it all started: Create a Mantangle on Silk .

This time the challenge required everyone to use only the 3 primary colours and each of these in a specific way. As most of us aren’t used to painting in this way, it certainly came as a real challenge. Here is a link to the original post sharing the details so that you know what the brief was: New Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge July – August 2012.

So the basic guidelines were that 2 primaries could be combined in the mantangle and the third in the background. The big catch was that the colours could not be mixed with each other.

I always feel that  it’s important to enter into challenges as they certainly help us to move out of old patterns and break through resistance which has an effect on all areas of our lives.

This time I personally chose to use black gutta mixed up with resistad for the first time as well as try out some new Procolour dyes. I had to really get creative and dilute so that I had varying shades from neat out of the bottle to pastel.

And so here are the submitted pieces, a glorious display indeed. I love the way each artist has added their own spin to this challenge and taken the risk to express in a new way. Many thanks to each and every one of them. This journey has been a lot of fun and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sharing and discussions we have had on the way.

All that remains then is for you to enjoy this exhibition too. And we’d love to hear your comments, so please share in the box below. …And maybe you’ll join in with us next time too.

(1) Tina Lane – “This latest Mantangle proved to be quite a challenge indeed. I produced the design and traced it onto the silk. My first problem occured when the silver pebeo gutta I used didn’t hold and left me with too many leaks! I decided to use the gold marabu instead and this was fine. I finally added some heat fixed crystals to the design just to add a bit of sparkle to the piece. I have to admit I did prefer the results of my first Mantangle this was not preplaned at all and I really liked that free flow to the design. However I still enjoyed the process of it all and look forward to the next challenge! To see more of my work see my Facebook Page Silkart by Tina Lane

(2) Ron Gutman – “My first circle drawn evolved into the rose type motif. I had planned on working everything else inside of that but changed direction and decided to elaborate… just letting whatever come about. The stickler was the colors and finding tones that would make it work for me. I used a dark blue/characoal resist and after painting it in, embellished with metallic gold resist. Art Deco meets Java??? Who knows?!!!”

(3) Kathy Murphy-Childs – “This mantangle was a bit of a challenge because of the color restrictions, but once I decided what I wanted to do, it was great fun. This is a 28 inch mantangle on a 35 inch scarf. Kathy Murphy-Childs

(4) Anderson Moore – “When I started the challenge I knew I wanted to incorporate an elephant into the design. I let my mind just doodle inside the three continuous circles. I ended up with a ore complicated design than planned and knew that three colors would be difficult, with one being used for the background. I wanted to be able to see through the design, and incorporated the background in lighter shades of the magenta. I used Jacquard Red Label dyes.
If you would like to view more of my artwork on silk and other mediums I work in, I invite you to visit my website:

(5) Mary Ann Holley – Heaven on Earth Silk (Facebook Page) “I started this mandala after a two week break in painting and used it to get myself back into the flow of creativity. It is a completely random, go with the flow piece and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The restrictions kept me from having to think too much(since I tend to over think most projects) and set me into a much more creative space to begin several large projects.”

(6) Judy Szabo – Judith Szabo’s Silk Creations (Facebook Page)
“Being “told” what to do always has an opposite effect on me as I am a born rebel. However by the time I finished outlining I was grinning from ear to ear..”

(7) Sandy Hopper – “Doing this mantangle was like going back to the start of my silk painting adventure. I did not like staying in the lines back then and I still do not like staying in the lines…LOL..guess cause I am not very good at it!! But I remember how I love color and the Zen of just doing! Thanks for everything Love and Light to all..”

(8) Herman Van Roey – “I felt awfully limited by the choice of colours and other restrictions like not mixing them. Yet I wanted to partake so my brain decided to go in psychedelic mode, which only became apparent when the colours were put on! In the end, looking at it gives me kind of a happy-go-lucky mood…

(9) Szokene Kelenyi Krisztina – “I have painted this with golden Marabu outline and Dupont dyes and loved every minute of it.”

(10) Marcee Rosar Musgrove – White Lotus Arts (Facebook page)

(11) Andrea Hajdu – Artist website “It was very interesting. I loved the freedom to draw and edit a new door opened in the painting. My opportunities increased. Paint can now learn to use. For me, it was a big challenge.”

(12) Fiona Stolze –

Please note: all copyright remains with the artists who created each piece. These images are not intended for the public domain and cannot be used in any way without the artists’ permission. Thank you for your understanding.

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20 Responses to Art Gallery of the Mantangle Silk Painting Challenge July – August 2012

  1. […] You can see what the participating artists submitted in this article: July – August Mantangle Silk Painting Gallery […]

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I also would like to join the next challenge.
    Thanks for registering.
    Best regards,

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Agnes – Wonderful. How I do it is this. I post the information about the upcoming challenge and ask everyone interested to add their name to the list. I then add you to our work group.

      I will watch out for you and make sure you see the post.

      Warm wishes


    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Agnes, we are about to start the next challenge. If you would like to take part, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

  3. GREAT challenge! always good to push ourselves to do something we normally wouldn’t try. They are all lovely! I’d like to give it a try on the next go round.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Phylis and glad you enjoyed this. And yes, do join in with the next round which will be coming soon. Thanks. 🙂

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Phylis – we are about to start with the next challenge. Did you want to join in with us? Let me know by commenting here. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Sandy Hopper says:

    How lovely to see us all together! Thank you Fiona !! for creating this community. I have enjoyed checking in for updates on the progression of each piece, sharing in the joy and challenges of the various artists. Lets do it again soon.!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      It’s been a real pleasure Sandy and so glad you were able to join us this time. ~And we’ll certainly do it again soon, in fact there will be a September – October Mantangle Challenge so watch out for it soon. x

  5. Karen says:

    Wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Ron Gutman says:

    A treat to see them all together…so many unique perspectives presented on this challenge!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Yes indeed Ron. A real treat. Isn’t it amazing how many variations can emerge from one theme? 🙂

  7. I loved seeing them all together too. Such talented artists you are!!!! Thanks Fiona for all your encouragement and information sharing. Beautiful mandala you have created with this collaboration too.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thank you Marcee. Yes they really are a talented bunch. A joy to work with all of you. And glad you enjoyed mine too. x

  8. Judy Szabó says:

    Thanks Fiona, nice to see them all together 🙂

  9. Kaaren says:

    Wow- each is illuminated with talent…..

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