Art for Art’s Sake…

I have always encouraged others to allow free expression of their artistic tendencies at all times. I see it as coming from somewhere deep within. Somewhere we normally don’t have access to.

And to deny it’s free flow and emergence is like cutting off our life flow.

Today I was sitting browsing online and saw the work of some truly amazing artists. There were some pieces which deeply touched me and I literally held my breath. It is so inspiring to see what flows out of some artists brushes.

What a gift to share with others.

And I realised that it can never be for me as an artist to judge, criticise or limit in any way what wants to emerge onto the canvas, paper or fabric.

Just as it can never be for me to sit and logically think about what I am meant to create with a specific customer in mind. With the goal of getting a sale.

Art is spirit speaking through me. Art is spirit finding a voice through me. Art is spirit sharing its love through me.

My job is to be the clear and joyous channel and facilitate the emergence of divinity.

Art for art’s sake – an expression of the divine.

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2 Responses to Art for Art’s Sake…

  1. Hi Fiona,

    yes, you are absolutely right and I feel the exact same way! I had people ask me to do commissional work with them telling me exactly what they want. I always turn it down because this is not why I paint. It’s an expression that comes from deep within and I can’t draw by numbers and specifications.

    Much love,


    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks for sharing that Franziska. That’s exactly what it feels like. Painting by numbers. Something in me feels so out of alignment at times when there are too many specifications. x

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