Are You Married to Truth?

“Illusions are like mistresses. We can have many of them without tying ourselves down to responsibility. But truth insists on marriage. Once a person embraces truth, he is in its ruthless but gentle grasp”. – Rabazar Tarzs

Do you resonate with this quote? I must admit, it’s one I have a great resonance with. I know from my experience, that once I put my foot on the path of committing to living the truth I awakened to, there was just no going back.

And no matter how comfortable it may seem to me to try to carry on as usual with something that I know deep down has run its course and isn’t the deepest I know, there is ultimately no reprieve. Every corner I turn, there it is. That quiet and sure knowing that beckons me. Hey, look here. Here it is.

It’s a life-long beloved partner. One that holds me to the highest and the deepest. And just constantly shows up, pointing out the way. Despite any tantrums. Despite any noise I might make. I know that the minute I quietly and surely see the truth in something, that is the new gold standard. There is, quite literally, no escape. And that’s where the illusory misery and suffering starts. But doesn’t need to.

So how do I choose? To let go of the dearly-held illusion I’ve been holding onto for dear life. Regardless of how much I might imagine I’m going to lose? Regardless of how much I’ve invested in it? And step into what is true. Openness. Expansion. Purity. Simplification.

Or do I turn a blind eye and opt for the veil of illusion? Because of comfort? Because of what the logical mind dishes up in my moments of vulnerability? And then rationalise the importance of staying put…ensnaring myself further in the quagmire of deception.

It’s always a choice. And I am aware that my marriage to the presence of Truth will possibly remain a challenge to my self  in this life. But it is a marriage that will guide me honestly back home. And I undertake that gladly.

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