Are You Dancing at Two Weddings in Your Life?

After a day of making slow progress in piecing my new silk art classes together, I decided this evening to pull out my acrylics and paint for a short while to just let go and float. I also found some amazing music on YouTube to listen to, a SAT NAM mantra meditation which kept me in a wonderfully chilled out space.

fiona stolze mandala oracle deck

I also pulled out my beloved mandala deck and drew one for guidance. One Master. Such a beautiful message to bring me back to what matters right now. This card always asks me clearly what I am giving myself to. Whether I am clear about what is deeper and more meaningful. And if I am committed to being here. Now.

Or am I playing it safe? Dancing at two weddings? Enjoying the best of both but going for safety and comfort when the going gets tough?

It’s so easy to drift off into illusion. Giving our attention to what is merely distracting and of no further consequence. Enjoying the heights and depths of emotion and experience, neither of which inform us of what is real and enduring. Dancing at two weddings and committed to none.

It’s so easy to just dip our toe into the realm of what is true and real. When we feel like it. Then pulling back quickly when things get uncomfortable. Scurrying back quickly into what is comfortable. Wrapping ourselves back up in the blanket of imagination, pretending that we don’t really have to engage with truth. Back, back, back.

I am grateful that this reminder has come to me. To give to only One Master. To keep facing what is Deeper. To trust in this no matter what. To relinquish the side-stepping and back-tracking. To engage with what is clear. Here and Now.

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