Another Beautiful Sunset – Life’s Happening While I’m at my Computer

Oh my! Just about half an hour ago I happened to look up from my computer screen and saw a beautiful sky. I leapt to my feet and grabbed the camera. This is what I saw.

sunset bristol fionastolze silkandart

Sunsets are so amazing. The colours, akin to silk painting and watercolour technique, look as if someone had picked some incredible shades from their palette and spread them with a large, soft brush across the sky.

bristol fionastolze silkandart

I slowly went back to what I had been doing but suddenly, once again, I had to urge to look up and jumped once again to my feet. What an amazing sky. Such divine colour combinations tinging the edges of the clouds.

bristol fionastolze silkandart

These photos I’m sharing with you just don’t do justice to the majestic panorama that is spread out in front of me right now. And to think that they all manifested in the same part of the sky, just outside my bedroom window, within about 20 minutes.

sunset fionastolze inspired art and living spiritual journey


sunset fionastolze inspired art and living spiritual journey

Amazing how we can almost miss life if we are looking away too long.

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