And the Winners Are….Results of the Mandala Silk Painting DVD Giveaway

Many thanks to those of you who came and took part in the dvd giveaway described in my last post: Silk Painting DVD Giveaway

Recently I launched my new mandala silk painting kit and dvd. To celebrate this I decided it would be fun to give away 2 of the dvds to 2 of you lovely people who have been following my posts and giving support.

I originally decided to do the draw on Saturday but held back another two days as my newsletter went out a bit later than planned.

But here I am now on Christmas Eve with everyone’s names in the hat ready to pick out two winners.

So – drumroll!

…..and the first winner of the silk painting dvd is: Cindy Moreland.

….and the second person to receive a dvd is: Theta Michele Drivon.

Congratulations to both of you. As soon as I get your postal addresses, I will make sure that a copy of my dvd gets shipped to you after Christmas.

These dvds are best played on a pc/laptop using earphones. The reason for this is that many dvd players do not play burnt dvds. And since this was a home made dvd, the sound is not incredibly loud. Wearing earphones optimises the experience.

Many thanks to all of you for all your support over the past year. I look forward to lots of new projects in the months to come. And please ask me if there’s anything you’d like me to do as I love experimenting and exploring in the world of art.

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

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2 Responses to And the Winners Are….Results of the Mandala Silk Painting DVD Giveaway

  1. Cindy Moreland says:

    I am so HAPPY and JOYFUL for this gift. I want to show acknowledgement and gratitude for Fiona and her beautiful Soul. To be among such warm hearts is truly the best gift. And my DVD will be the 2nd best!!!! Love & Light, xoxo

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