A Welcome Change of Perspective

It was such a warm, dreamy day again and so welcome here in Bristol. I was standing at the back door, thinking about how lovely it would be to lie in the sun, when I took a spontaneous decision to just go out and lie down on the pebble path. We don’t have grass here, just the gravel and lots of flower beds.

So I eased myself down onto my back and it was actually rather comfortable. I just allowed myself to sink into the ground, not literally, but more in a symbolic sense and very quickly found myself feeling very relaxed. I have to add that I had my camera to hand.

An upside down lilac bush

Looking up I was astonished at how different everything looked upside down. Way up high I could see a very tall lilac bush bobbing in the gentle breeze with the withered blooms from last year still intact.

And as I began to tune in to the sounds that were all around me, I was amazed at how much was going on. The familiar banging and clanking from the building site across the road was intermingled with the builders’ voices calling to each other and joking merrily. Close to my head a busy little bumble bee was buzzing around in the flower bed. I was rather surprised to see him in the garden in March.

A rolled up furry caterpillar

Up above there was a loud cawing from two large gulls flying in unison in circles above our roof. They each took a turn to caw, sounding a bit like a police siren. Instead of nee-naw, it was as if they were arguing with each other like an old married couple, taking turns to shout ‘yes’ – ‘no’. I had to smile at that thought.

And as I turned my head to the side, I caught sight of a furry little caterpillar which was just minding its own business, crawling across a plank of wood. As soon as I turned the camera in his direction, he stopped in his tracks and rolled up in a little ball, hoping I would go away.

I left him in peace to go on with his journey. And I left the garden to go on with mine, feeling very refreshed and relaxed after my 15 minute upside down change of perspective. Aaaahh, wonderful. There’s nothing quite like looking at the world with different eyes.

Have you recently managed to find a little time-out and enjoy some simple pleasures? I’d love you to share them here.

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2 Responses to A Welcome Change of Perspective

  1. Hi Fiona,
    doesn’t it feel great? I did the exact same thing this week; I took a chair and it put it in our backyard after garden work. Two birds were singing for me and I just sat in my chair and watched with my eyes half open what was going on around me. I haven’t done this in a long time and it feels so nice,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      It’s like having a little mini holiday right there in the middle of the day, isn’t it? Glad you got the chance to chill out and tune in.

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