A Touch of Frost on the Cosmic Web

A few weeks ago I was inspired to start up a new spiritually based group for artisans on the Etsy website. Together with Star Breiter, my Silk and Stars partner, we opened the group and started to put out the call for other like-minded people. – as you read through this post, click on the photos to be taken to the artists’ pages.

Amina Rainbow Magnetic Star's earrings and necklace set

The group has a team presence on Etsy but also a day-to-day support on Facebook and the intention is to  take it across the various social media networks and build a lovely marketing support for everyone in it.

Star Breiter's Touch of Frost necklace

One of our first ventures is a monthly challenge whereby we set a theme and everyone creates an item for their shop relating to that topic. This month was our very first one and we called it ‘A Touch of Frost’.

Mary Ann Holley's Snowflake Mandala

To our delight a few other artists came on board and joined us straight away and so I wanted to share some of these pieces with you in this post.

Mindy Early's Touch of Frost toner

Perhaps you’d like to join our team. If so  you can find us at The Cosmic Web Team on Etsy as well as The Cosmic Web Group on Facebook.

Sloan Morrigan's Touch of Frost pendant

Spirituality is foremost in everything that we do and we love to be active on Etsy, Facebook and other sites on a daily basis.

Aradia Goseling at Aradia's Hand - dreamcatcher

So if you feel a resonance and like interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, come and say hi. We’d love to meet you…and looking forward already to our next group challenge.

Fiona Stolze's Touch of Frost silk batik scarf

And if you’ve enjoyed this post, we’d love you to leave your comments in the box below and share this with your friends. Thanks.

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4 Responses to A Touch of Frost on the Cosmic Web

  1. Aradia says:

    Thanks love for including me! I absolutely adored being part of this challenge and joining together with other spiritual artists even though I’m not on Etsy. I can’t wait for next month’s challenge and I love being able to meet & connect with so many lovely spiritually oriented and talented creatives!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Aradia- it’s great to have you on the team. And yes, looking forward to our next challenge. That’s a great point you’ve made – you can have a wonderful experience being part of this whether or not you have an Etsy shop. Thanks for being there. x

  2. This is fantastic! I love it.

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