A Splash of Colour Therapy – Silk, Dyes and Fun

I spent the last two days working on another couple of commissioned silk scarves and found myself really enjoying working with the vibrant colours.

I was just thinking a few days ago how nice it would be to have my two different rainbow scarves side by side, when suddenly I got an order for one of each. Such a beautiful synchronicity.

So I set about painting them in tandem, with the two frames set up at the same time, enjoying creating two different versions of rainbow silks.

But what really struck me was how much these vibrant colours affect me energetically while I am working, or should I say playing.

They really give me a condensed dose of colour therapy. I typically work with the dyes straight out of the bottles, mixed together and sometimes diluted. That richness of colour, the sheer intensity of the dyes neat.

It’s so invigorating, so uplifting. It’s such an incredible moment when the dye hits the silk and the colour bursts into life.

And you know, this all brought me to thinking about how I’d love to incorporate that aspect of my work much more again. Many years ago I trained as a colour therapist and really enjoyed weaving it into the alternative therapies I had learned. It was wonderful to combine the colours with the hands on healing and therapeutic massage.

In more recent times I have focused such a lot on creating artwork and almost forgetten to let the deeper meaning of the colours enter centre stage. And in the past few days it has become much clearer to me how I would love to write and speak about the use of colours again.

So you will see me starting to wear my colour therapist hat again in the months to come. Wherever it is appropriate and fits in well with the other work I am doing. I believe very much in weaving together all the threads of what you are skilled in to create a rich tapestry, a synthesis of all the seemingly individual elements.

I don’t exactly know what form this will take but will just be led in the process. It’s so lovely to just be moved, step by step, and watch how it all unfolds.

Because at the end of the day I have very little to do with all of this.

So I’m looking forward to a time of silks, dyes and fun. And would love to have with me on the way.

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2 Responses to A Splash of Colour Therapy – Silk, Dyes and Fun

  1. sati singh says:

    Love your work I was wonder what brand of silk dye or paint do you use for your microwave scarves.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi there Sati

      As long as you are using a dye that is suitable for silk, then you can use the microwave technique. Any acid dyes will be fine. Not paints. If you are in the UK, you are likely to get Jacquard acid dyes for this purpose. 🙂

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