A Portrait of Womanness

I always said I don’t paint people. No portraits, faces, nothing. Only abstract designs and mandalas.

But over the past week or so I have found myself drawn more and more to create a woman on canvas using my acrylics. And today I couldn’t resist. I went up into my attic and pulled out my paints.

Portrait 4

Without any visual references. Just painting. As it comes. From the heart.

I used to be ashamed of my portraits and people drawings back in class many moons ago and always tried to hide them, being very critical of what emerged.

But today I knew it was different. I knew a woman wanted to emerge from my brush on the canvas. And I wasn’t going to stand in her way.

Portrait 3

Lots of oranges and reds, firey colours. Heat. Copper and gold. And out she came. I don’t think she is finished. The face still needs some attention. The mouth will be worked on more. And she may receive some adornment around her neck and in her hair.

I can look at her and smile. No criticism or judgment. Being with her exactly as she is. My first woman.

I wanted to share her here as an expression of my innermost. Inspired by John de Ruiter. He talks about coming into our womanness – a being-filled heart, whether male or female.

I am loving how, as my being fills my heart, the face of my art is changing. Moving with that. And looking forward to sharing more.


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2 Responses to A Portrait of Womanness

  1. Zen! says:

    Fiona, I love her. I noticed what (to me) appears to be egg and sperm in the golden light beside her. She feels innocent and all-knowing at the same time and very very ancient.

    I love her. and you. well done.


    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Bless you Zen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And I am glad that you love her. She came from the heart. Thank you for sharing my process. I love you too. x

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