A Mandala Oracle Card Reading with Fiona Stolze

It’s been a while since I shared a reading with you all so here is the latest upload. Have a look at the video and then I’ll share my thoughts with you:

I have so often experienced finding a reading well after the time it was posted and shared, and found that it was completely relevant to what was going on for me. So whenever you visit this site and watch the video, I hope the thoughts and inspirations might spark something within you as a catalyst for deeper exploration within yourself.

mandala oracle readings fionastolzeDon’t ever take what is shared in these readings at face value. Always check in and see if it resonates deeply with you. See if it rings true. If it doesn’t, for whatever reason, then you don’t have to take it on board. And do feel free to share your thoughts and experiences too. You never know when the words you share touch another deeply.

I look forward to hearing from you.

This link has all the information you need about readings with me: Mandala oracle readings.

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4 Responses to A Mandala Oracle Card Reading with Fiona Stolze

  1. Anna says:

    Beautiful cards and reading, thank you so much 🙂 I found your video on YouTube today and deeply resonated with your message. I do feel I’m coming out of a long period of stagnation, finally. Thanks for the encouragement and wise words!

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi Anna – Can you believe I only got notification of your message today. So lovely of you to share this message and I’m so glad the reading was of help. xx

  2. Joy says:

    Have definitely felt pressure and stillness this year.
    Going with the flow means learning to rest during the period of stagnation and stillness. Pondering the options ahead, pondering self with eyes open. Contemplating that first step reminds me of a wonderful poem by David Whyte “Start Close In” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=030YqrN4SFc

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Lovely Joy. Thanks for sharing. I just clicked on the link and watched/listened to the poem. Beautiful. ‘Don’t mistake the other for your own’. Yes, taking that one step, close in, that we don’t want to take. The one we try to avoid…. x

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